TRANXIT was founded by Anupam Vibhuti and Nupur Dube, both Town Planners with specialisation in Transport Planning from the famous School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, India. Anupam has a degree in Architecture from the same Institution and has practised as an Architect before focussing on creating value in the urban transport domain.

TRANXIT's principle objective is to deliver effective & efficient solutions or systems related to the transport of passengers and goods. TRANXIT has been conceived as an entity that would represent a collection of products and applications conceived, created, developed, arranged, applied, operated and maintained in the Urban Transport domain. Similar products and applications have serviced the requirements of societies from advanced economies for a number of years. It is impossible to adapt or adopt them for the unique requirements of Indian cities unless business case analysis and requirement specification are built from scratch. Companies who have the credentials to participate in any such up gradation do not have the local experience to attempt such an exercise. If they do get involved with their existing resources, it turns out extremely expensive and time consuming for the customer.

TRANXIT has conceived of a number of applications that have the potential to improve the mobility scenario in Indian cities manifold in terms of operations and management. A small shift in the way we handle and perceive our urban transport problems and their corresponding solutions, can open the doors to cheaper, safer and easier mobility for the citizens.